Automatic Gate Safety Hamersville, OH

At Automatic Gates Plus safety is our number one priority. So we make sure that our gates are safe. Some automatic gate safety products include: safety & shadow loops with vehicle detectors, safety edges, photo eyes and Knox boxes.

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When it comes to gate and fence installation in Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana, no one compares to Automatic Gates Plus, LLC. We design, manufacture and install every kind of fence to meet the ever changing demands of our business. Whether it is residential or commercial, standard or custom, Automatic Gates Plus, LLC has the staff and experience to get it done the right way.

Some of the services you’ll be provided with are automatic gate installation, fencing installation, custom aluminum gates and fence design, custom wood gates, industrial gates, residential chain link fences, decorative wrought iron gates and fencing, security gates and fencing and also automatic gate access controls. No matter what your needs are, if in involves gates and or fencing, contact us today.

Having a new fence or gate installed is not only a great source of security to any home or business, but will enhance the decor as well. We have everything from privacy wood fences to secure your land and provide the ultimate privacy to decorative wrought iron fencing that gives any property a regal feel. No matter what material you want your fence to be made out of or how big of a space you are looking to contain, Automatic Gates Plus, LLC has you covered.