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Automatic Gates Plus
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 10 reviews
 by Paul Barlage

My name is Paul Barlage and I live in southwest Ohio. I have a large property in a rural area with a long driveway and ensuring my property is secure is important to me. To help secure my property, I consulted with Automatic Gatesplus in 2015 to help me determine the best gate to fit my security needs. After consulting with them, I hired them to build my gate and also ensure I had the correct electric setup and rock wall on either side of the gate. They were able to make sure I had the correct electric installed for the gate to work properly and the height and size of the rock wall would look nice with the gate I chose. It is now November of 2021 and my gate has been working fine for more than six years. I have had only two minor problems with the gate over that time and the Automatic Gatesplus service technician fixed both of them with a day. I am very happy with my gate and also very happy with the service I received from Automatic Gatesplus.

Paul Barlage, Okeana Ohio

 by Peter

Connie, you and your son get nothing but compliments and kudos from me and probably the Millers next door where I found you. I’m very leery of responding to Google or any other datamonster whose primary interest is abusing my privacy for their own benefit. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Linked-In, and scads of others feed on the public who then wonder how they got so abused. So, I’ll call in a few days to talk about my gate! All best, Peter v.M. You are the "go-to" gate manufacturer/installer/service resource for me! E-hugs, Peter.

 by Tony C.

This is a fantastic company. The customer service, prompt service and advice was wonderful. Love doing business with them. They are honest, hard working and courteous at all times.

 by John S
Great Job

Hi Connie, They have completed the installation and are on their way home. They did a great job. All were very consciences and determined to produce an excellent product. Gabe is a natural leader / manager. Thank you, John S.

 by Micki
Fantastic Job!!

Dear Connie, Your boys were super and did a fantastic job! we had kind of a tricky path to the electrical, but with the help of their suggestions, we solved the issue nicely. It LOOKS GREAT! Thank you. Advanced Outdoor Services in Batavia built the gate and the fence...they were wonderful too! Have a great evening!

 by Hoon
Great job overall

The crew did a great job overall. I really appreciate it.


 by Doug

Many thanks for your service and consideration for what it is worth I’ll tell my friends.

 by Carolyn M
Great job

Thanks for your prompt service.

 by Drew E
Great job

The gate is fantastic! The guys were awesome too! They were respectful, courteous, and cleaned up when they were done! Great job all around.

 by Dean Fagan

fantastic, they did a great job. we are very happy with the results.

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